The first !

 Aoyama is a newcoming restaurant based on what actually exist in Tokyo. We will propose a menu based on asian tastes and our plates will be entirely hand made.

Shortly opening in the heart of Lille, Nord of France, we want to make you (re)discover what we love so much about Tokyo.



Culture is like hapiness, 

it's sharable!

You want to prepare a trip to Japan, learn more about Japanese cuisine or discover the Japanese architecture ?

From our culture space, you will ba able to find all the information you want about Japan. Travel guide, fashion or cooking book, our selection will give you a new taste of Japan.  


It makes us happy, naturally !

Japanese's service is the best in the world. At Aoyama, we want you to find this importance for details in our service. Everything will be done for you to fell like you are at home.


Come in and enjoy.   

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